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    Samsung Reinvents the Wheel

    As we explained in our Guide to HDTV, rear projection DLP systems use a color wheel in combination with a light source (lamp) to reproduce an image on the screen. This system can produce what is known as "rainbow effect", a visual artifact that appears as flashes of red, green, and blue shadows at the edges of the screen. Higher wheel speeds combined with 7-segment color wheels have practically eliminated this visual artifact, but it still exists and is perceived by some persons. But thanks to the latest developments, the color wheel might become a thing of the past in the coming years.

    Today, at the Consumer Electronics Show 2006, Samsung unveiled the first ever LED light sourced DLP rear projection HDTV, the HL-S5679W, a 1080p DLP HDTV that replaces the color wheel and UHP bulb for a trio of high-powered LEDs.
    According to Samsung, this new system offers significantly improved longevity, extended color gamut reproduction, quicker turn-on time (since there is no lamp that has to be warmed up), and greater environmental friendliness.

    The HL-S5679W will be available in April at $4,199.

    Pioneer Announces 1080p 50" plasma
    JVC Unveils New Line of 1080p HD-ILA HDTVs
    Samsung Unveils Its Gen 7 1080p DLP HDTVs
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    Panasonic HDTV Interview
    IGN speaks with VP Jeff Cove about all things HDTV. From the 103" plasma monster, to 1080p support, to Panasonic's vision of the future, it's all here.



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      nomizo oti h sony kai h samsung exoun ta idia panel apotelesma ths synergasias ton 2 etairion.