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    "In terms of movies, I often say that this is the last format battle there will ever be [hd-dvd and blu-ray], because everything is going to go online -- you're going to download it. In fact, one of my favorite features on Xbox Live is where you can go and get the HD demos of the games or get HD videos like the making of the Xbox, the making of Titanic, they've got this Mission Impossible 3 thing."

    Though he doesn't say it outright, he indicates that the future of the Xbox 360's movie capabilities are with Xbox Live and downloadable HD content, not with an HD-DVD drive. Second, this announcement is merely a bullet point on somebody's spec sheet created to square up with Sony on paper and say, "See? We're next gen, we're supporting HD-DVD." Third, given how Microsoft was so quick to drop first party support for the Xbox, how dedicated do you think it'll be to support the relatively extraneous external drive? Of course, the external drive doesn't really require any sort of product releases to function. You can buy and use it to watch movies regardless of whether Microsoft is still paying attention to it. But as for any plans of Microsoft further integrating the HD-DVD drive into the 360 or with gaming, this statement makes that seem highly unlikely. In other words, the external HD-DVD drive will remain a totally extraneous Xbox 360 accessory, even further removed from gaming than Sega's 32X.
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    To HD .WMV format βγαζει εικονα προς το παρων στο Xbox360 στα 720p.Αν αυτο στο μελλον γινει 1080i τοτε θα θελουμε 15GB για τη καθε ταινεια τουλαχιστον(Nα φανταστειτε οτι τα 5 λεπτα του Narnia στα 720p ειναι αρκετα MB οποτε ολη η ταινεια θα ειναι πολυ μεγαλυτερη!).Αρα λοιπον θα βγαλει μεγαλυτερο σκληρο η Microsoft για να μπορουμε να αποθηκευουμε τις ταινειες εκει οταν τις κατεβαζουμε απο το Μarketplace.