Xbox 360 the Best of Both Worlds

We know that that the Playstation 3 will reportedly have more power than the Xbox 360, but accessing that power might prove difficult if developers have trouble harnessing that power through Sony's infamously bad development kits. We also know that, given Nintendo's history, it will most likely have a developer-friendly SDK to make game creating a simple affair, but it will lack the power to make games truly shine graphically.

According to Firing Squad, only Microsoft's Xbox 360 brings the best of both worlds into one platform. In an article entitled, 'Seven Things the Xbox 360 Does Better Than Anyone Else,' the website goes into great detail to focus on what the 360 has going for it heading into next-gen territory. It's a great read.

The 360's killer app, though, remains Xbox Live, and its awesome interface and smooth design. With both Nintendo and Sony not having yet released info on their online systems in great depth, we will have to wait to see what they do to counter Microsoft's huge advantage. Early on, expect the PS3 to try to mimic Microsoft's success.

P.S. If it isn't understood clearly, that guy's kung-fu chopping Sony's butt.