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    Και η κατάσταση χειροτερεύει...

    No More Hot Booth Babes at E3?

    The consequences of the “Hot Coffee” GTA mod are far from over and it seems that the long arm of law is reaching not just game retailers, but the industry in general. The IGDA's Sex SIG got access to a copy of the 2006 E3 Expo Exhibitor's Handbook and found out that the new rules put a defacto censorship to any material, including games and booth babes, with partial nudity or sexually explicit/provocative content.

    According to Page 13 of the Exhibitor's Handbook:

    Material, including live models, conduct that is sexually explicit and/or sexually provocative, including but not limited to nudity, partial nudity and bathing suit bottoms, are prohibited on the Show floor, all common areas, and at any access points to the Show. ESA, in its sole discretion, will determine whether material is acceptable.
    What does all this mean? That we won’t get to see those hot girls we used to take photos with or date (in our dreams). No more Hottest Booth Babe competition, no more cool games like Leisure Suit Larry or the Playboy Mansion?

    While the handbook does state no “bathing suit bottoms”, there is a bit of a gray area when it comes to the overall attire. It will be interesting to see how far game publishers are willing to go in order to test the waters. In any case, E3 booth babes just got a little uglier.

    Without Booth Babes in tiny leather pants or bikinis, is there any reason at all to go to E3? Oh Diana, I'm going to miss you so much!